Annual Reviews

Life comes with changes. The financial plan we help you design must be flexible to keep up with those changes.

Annual Reviews

Annual reviews are for previous comprehensive review clients. After doing a comprehensive review we suggest meeting once a year to review any changes to your plan. Our once-a-year Annual Review package is designed to keep the key elements of your financial plan up to date.

This package includes:

Updates to your pervious comprehensive plan, plus any of the below if applicable to the changes that have happened in your life in the last 12 months.

  • New home purchase – Options for purchasing a new residence (including cash flow and tax analysis)
  • Rental property analysis – Assessment of your rental cash flow and rental tax analysis
  • Roth conversion analysis – Exploring benefits of converting non-Roth accounts into Roth IRA accounts
  • Job changes – Analysis to determine advantages/disadvantages of major career change
  • Single or dual income analysis – Review of possible benefits of living on single income, including update of cash flow, tax and retirement analysis
The process:

Email or call your advisor to schedule your annual review. We will reach out to you via email when it has been one year since your comprehensive meeting.


Annual reviews range from $600 – $1,200 depending on what has changed since we last met.

*prices are always subject to change*

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