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Advice for All Stages

Recent Graduates / Early Career Typically in your 20’s Cash Flow:  Allocate at least 20% of your gross income to long-term savings and / or paying off debt.  Now is the time to get money invested so it can compound. Start identifying spending habits and patterns by creating a budget or trying out the WholeWallet30. Tax Planning:  For many during this stage, it makes sense to save to a Roth versus pre-tax retirement vehicle since starting salaries tend to be lower than inRead More

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Whole “WALLET” 30

The Whole “WALLET” 30, is a 30-day reset to your spending. I met up with a friend the other day for coffee. She looked like she had lost weight so I congratulated her. She said she recently completed a 30-day food challenge, “the Whole30”, and was thinking about doing another one. While she found the challenge hard, by the end, she started craving the new food regimen. She is eating healthier and feeling happier. The Whole30 is a dieting programRead More

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