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Video Blog: Meal Planning For Working Parents

Linda Rogers Video Blog on Meal Planning for Working Parents covers how her family meal preps for the week.  Keeping things exciting with theme nights makes it fun for the whole family. Not only has it been healthier and cheaper, she has found it has been a great tool to teach her children the love of cooking, instilling in them the ability to be creative and have fun in the kitchen. Watch this episode of our video blog below and don’tRead More

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The 7 Money Questions you NEED to ask before saying “I Do”

Did you know, “about three in 10 couples disagree on finances at least once a month, most commonly about major purchases or spending habits”? (from Ameriprise Study study on couples and money 9/2016) These are my top 7 questions you should discuss with your partner before you say “I Do.” These questions will help you get clarity on each of your financial situations and explore how you see your financial future together. *Pro Tip: Grab a glass of wine andRead More

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Meal Planning for Working Parents

For working parents, cooking meals during the week can be a challenge.  For each $100 per month that you save from NOT eating out, you could have $100,452 in 30 years (assuming a 6% average return) in your bank account.  It is healthier for you and can minimize the additional expense of lunches (I make double the food we need and pack up the leftovers for everyone to take to school or work the next day). In my own household, aRead More

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