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2017 Year-End Investment Checklist

This checklist is geared towards people already working with an advisor, therefore items like portfolio rebalancing, taking RMD’s, and reviewing other essential planning pieces are intentionally excluded since those would be covered with your advisor during an Annual Review. Freeze your credit if you haven’t yet. We have been recommending this for months now, but in case you are procrastinating, here is how to do it. Check to confirm minor children DON’T have a credit report. Children should not haveRead More

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5 Myths About Credit Scores for Newlyweds

My Newlywed clients often ask me about how their credit score changes when they get married. I am sharing some of the typical myths I hear and discussing how your credit score is really affected by getting married or divorced. Myth 1: We have a joint credit score as a couple. Credit scores are calculated and given on an individual basis. When you get married, your credit scores do not get merged into one joint score. You will each remainRead More

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