Monthly Archives: January 2018

529 Plan Rules Have Changed

They are still the best tool in your toolbox for college planning, but there have been some changes. Here is a quick re-cap. What are 529 plans? They are investment vehicles that are named after the Internal Revenue Code that created them. They have helped many of our clients pay for college for their children as they offer tax advantages when used for qualified education expenses at eligible educational institutions. What tax advantages do they offer? When used appropriately, theRead More

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Get the Gift of a Financial Plan

Are you interested in a financial plan but not sure if it is in your budget? Ask for a Financial Plan as a gift. Here is why, when, and how to get it. 4 Reasons Why 1. It is a great investment – The ROI (return on investment) for a financial plan can be huge. Setting up a plan for the future can be life-changing. 2. Even your stingy relatives would want to contribute to this gift for you –Read More

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3 Steps to Keeping Your Investment Accounts Safe

With a copy of your balance sheet in front of you, go account by account to make sure the following three (3) safeguards are in place. As an example, we listed detailed instructions on how to implement each step once logged into the Vanguard website. For accounts at other custodians, contact them directly if you have trouble finding the settings. 1) 2-Step Verification This feature requires you to enter the correct username and password when logging in AND a codeRead More

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