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Does your tax return contain an IRS red flag?

If your 2017 return contains one or more of these red flags, you have a higher likelihood of receiving some sort of correspondence from the IRS. Don’t panic. You just need to double check your numbers and confirm you are organized with your documentation. You should be doing this regardless, but you may find it useful to know where to be extra careful. Red flag #1: Page 1 of the 1040, Other Income (line 21), is filled out This lineRead More

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A Newlywed’s Guide to Updating Insurance

A lot of things change when you get married, including your insurance options. Making sure your insurance is adequate once you are married is an important step to take. You have the option of buying new, combining, and/or discontinuing policies you will no longer need. Here are the insurance coverages we recommend you review or consider purchasing once married. Life Insurance After you say “I Do”, you might need to increase your life insurance coverage. The bills you would leave your spouse with include,Read More

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Tax Planning for 2018

The TCJA (Tax Cuts and Jobs Act) passed in late 2017 affects your tax planning for 2018. We highlighted the changes that are most likely to pertain to our clients. The information is general in nature, and not a substitute for individual and customized tax advice from your tax preparer. 1) Some retirement plan contributions have increased. If you contribute to a TSP, 401k, or 403b, you may be eligible to increase your savings. The limit is now $18,500 versusRead More

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