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6 Estate Planning Mistakes to Fix Now

When estate planning is done wrong, it can create havoc on heirs after a family member passes. Estate Planning is not a fun topic to discuss, but it is an essential part of financial planning. The only way to keep your plan in good condition is to review it regularly yourself and every five years by an attorney. Brianna Bocian, the owner of and estate planning attorney at the Law Offices of Brianna Bocian in San Diego is helping usRead More

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Ask Linda: I moved to consulting status – now what?

Dear Linda, I recently transitioned from being a salaried employee to a self-employed consultant. I like the flexibility but realize that I have more responsibility with regards to my finances. For example, I was previously enrolled in my employer’s 401k plan and now I am not sure how to save for retirement. I am also confused about taxes – my employer withheld money from each paycheck but no taxes are being withheld when clients pay me. And people keep sayingRead More

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