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We’re “Official.” Now What?

Dear Alicia, We’re getting married soon and are wondering if there are any particular financial steps we should take once we’re “official?” -Ned and Nancy the Newlyweds Congrats Ned and Nancy! Getting married is an exciting and hectic time. Here are the financial steps you should be taking once you are “official.” Goals Start by discussing your financial goals now and in the future. Do you want to buy a home, start planning for a baby, or create an emergencyRead More

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Ask Linda: Pre-tax versus Post-tax savings

Dear Linda, Should I save to my pre-tax 401k at work or my Roth IRA? I cannot fully fund both. Sincerely, Super Saver Dear Super Saver, To determine which account you should save to, calculate your tax rate today versus your projected rate in retirement. In general, Roth contributions are made with after-tax dollars and distributed tax-free. The 401k is the opposite – contributions are made with pre-tax dollars and distributions are taxed at ordinary income rates. If you areRead More

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