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Credit Lock v.s. Freeze. Don’t Get Fooled.

Dear Alicia,  I have been following your newsletter telling me that credit freezes will now be free. The other day I was watching television and saw an advertisement for Experian’s Credit Lock Services. Should I sign up for that instead of the freeze? It sounds exactly the same to me. Thanks, Credit Craig Dear Craig, Great question! A credit freeze and a credit lock are two separate services. They are very similar but do have distinct differences. Credit Lock: InstantRead More

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3 Steps to Keeping Your Investment Accounts Safe

With a copy of your balance sheet in front of you, go account by account to make sure the following three (3) safeguards are in place. As an example, we listed detailed instructions on how to implement each step once logged into the Vanguard website. For accounts at other custodians, contact them directly if you have trouble finding the settings. 1) 2-Step Verification This feature requires you to enter the correct username and password when logging in AND a codeRead More

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