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Renting vs Buying – Which is the better financial decision?

The New York Times Your Money column had a timely article on renting versus buying by Tara Siegel Bernard. She interviewed a couple who are renting, by choice, in southern California due to high home prices in the area. She also interviewed a few financial professionals in the article. In summary, they agreed on the following: 1) In the short-term, no one can predict what the real estate market will do on a consistent basis. Therefore, if you are planningRead More

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Deciding whether to Rent versus Buy

Some of my clients don’t know how long they will be living in San Diego.  They are members of military families, students, medical professionals or they may just be looking for a change in a few years.  Here are a few of the many factors to consider when deciding whether to rent versus buy. (1)  Time horizon – No one can consistently predict what real estate prices are going to do in the short-term, just like the stock market.  ForRead More

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Buying Raw Land

  Purchasing raw land is different than purchasing a property with a house already on it. While it can be appealing to start with a blank slate, it can also come with a lot of frustrations if you are not prepared. Here are some tips: 1)   Learn as much about the property as possible. Look at to get an idea of the property’s sun exposure throughout different times of the year. Review the USDA soil maps here to understand theRead More

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