PWR Impact Investing

Impact investing is smart investing.

Our Investment Process

Step 1: We determine the best PWR model for you. This is based on the return required to meet your goals, the amount of volatility you are comfortable with and other factors we take into consideration.

Step 2: We evaluate custom strategies such as the following:
– Municipal bonds
– Asset location preferences
– Bucket strategy
– Backdoor Roth conversions
– Tax-efficient withdrawal strategies
– Tolerance Band Rebalancing
– Tax Loss Harvesting

There are additional non-core strategies also available, depending on each client’s interest. These include:
– Clean energy
– ESG leaders
– Women’s leadership
– Organic farming REIT
– Microfinance

Your PWR Advisor will work with you to carefully integrate all strategies in a way that helps you fund your financial goals while harnessing your power as an investor.

We Use ESG metrics, an Impact Investing Strategy

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) metrics apply an additional layer of due diligence to traditional financial portfolio building.

By utilizing ESG factors, we are able to complete a more thorough analysis and construct portfolios that reduce exposure to carbon risks and support corporate transparency.

Want to learn more about ESG? Read our blog posts on different ESG topics.


PWR’s Investment Management Services start at $5,000 per year. Ongoing comprehensive financial planning is included at no additional charge for our investment management clients.

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About PWR, Our Value

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