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You can join our meetings here. Enter the 10 digit code provided in our email reminders or click on the link directly from our email.

We do NOT recommend connecting in a Starbucks or where it is noisy, and a potentially has an unstable internet connection. Connecting to our meetings at work or home are ideal. A stable and good internet connection is required for us to have a successful meeting.


Implementing Your Plan

How to Open and Transfer Accounts at Vanguard VIDEO, shows you how to use the Vanguard website and what information you will need to gather.


Scheduling an Annual Review

Email your advisor to schedule your Annual Review. We will also contact you when it has been one year since your Plan Delivery meeting if we haven’t heard from you. We start by scheduling a discovery call to get an update on what has happened since the last plan we created together.

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How to Recognize a Ponzi Scheme

A Ponzi scheme is a fraudulent investment. The organizers of the scheme do not invest your money in something with intrinsic value. Instead, they pay you a “return” with the contributions of new investors. Ponzi schemes received their name in the 1920’s after Charles Ponzi was convicted of running this type of business. Despite all the knowledge we have of previous Ponzi schemes, they continue to defraud people from all walks of life. We are even seeing a new wave... Read More

Credit & Debit Cards to Use Abroad

Are you traveling abroad this summer and unsure which of your “plastic” you should bring with you? Travel is already a luxury but it can get even more expensive when each purchase is racking up additional fees. Recently I went to Asia and did some research of my own. Hopefully, this will help you decide which of your cards you should bring, what fees you should know about, and when to use a debit card versus a credit card. Credit... Read More