Get on Track Planning

Get your debt on track to paid off.

Our G.O.T. plan is specifically designed for individuals in debt. The sad truth is there are many services out their offering to help individuals pay off their debt and they are not all created equal. We take the hard stance to help create good behaviors and habits to pay off current debt and learn the best ways to make this a long term commitment.

We know student loan debt and Credit Card debt can be hard to manage on your own and we designed a program to help. This plan allows you to have a three month agreement with a financial planner keeping you accountable for your goals. We dive deep into how the debt came about and how we can build new habits to making sure this is paid off. We provide a nonjudgemental and safe place for you to discuss your debts.

We answer questions like:

  • How much of my income can I can realistically put towards paying down my debts per month?
  • What is the plan for paying off my debt?
  • How long will it take to get rid of my debt?

G.O.T. plans can be purchased by a loved one for someone in debt but, the person who owns the debt is our client and they must be individually dedicated to the process. As with all of our advice, it is only as good as how much effort is taken to put our recommendations into action.

These plans can be hard as we try to make significant progress during our three months of work together. So, we require that before starting a G.O.T. plan our clients take a personal oath to give us their best effort. If you can’t commit to giving it your all for three months it will not be worth your money.

This package includes:
  • Review of goals
  • Balance sheet review – A compilation of all assets and debts for a clean, consolidated view of your financial situation
  • Cash flow analysis – Determining your financial status at the end of each month (surplus, deficit) with a comprehensive expense worksheet
  • Monthly expense analysis – Three months of expense analysis. All expenses need to be collected and provided by the client
  • Debt pay down plan – A list of all debts, order of payment, and amount of payment per month
The process:

After gathering you financial data via our online portal, we begin with a virtual initial planning meeting. We review your balance sheet, cash flow, and debt pay down plan (about one hour). Then, we collect three months of income and expense review (via email) from you. WE REQUIRE FULL DISCLOSURE OF INCOME AND EXPENSES FOR THREE MONTHS. We end with a 30 minute three month virtual check-in meeting where we review the progress made in the last three months of work together.


The G.O.T. plan is $900 (6 hours of work). 


Start by scheduling an initial call with us.

*prices subject to change at any time*

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