PWR serves retirees of all wealth who are looking for an advisor that will see them through the next 20+ years.

To prepare for a successful retirement, we help clients determine the most tax-efficient withdrawal and investment strategy that balances their retirement and investment income. We evaluate other opportunities that may be available, such as Roth conversions, and incorporate them into the analysis. We help plan for required minimum distributions and explain the options when it comes to long-term care.

When is the right time to take social security? Do you still need your life insurance policy? Can you gift money to your children or favorite charity now without worrying that you will run out of money?

PWR has a detailed and thorough process to help answer all of your questions confidently so you can focus on the next phase of your life. Why figure it out on your own when you can have a Comprehensive Financial Plan to guide you.

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Credit Lock v.s. Freeze. Don’t Get Fooled.

Dear Alicia,  I have been following your newsletter telling me that credit freezes will now be free. The other day I was watching television and saw an advertisement for Experian’s Credit Lock Services. Should I sign up for that instead of the freeze? It sounds exactly the same to me. Thanks, Credit Craig Dear Craig, Great question! A credit freeze and a credit lock are two separate services. They are very similar but do have distinct differences. Credit Lock: Instant... Read More

Can’t get yourself FIREd? You can still have a LIFE.

FIRE stands for financially independent, retire early. The movement continues to grow, with retirees in their 20’s through 40’s. It has caught on because it is unexpected – we don’t picture retirees being so young. Yet it is entirely possible and there is an ever-growing number of blogs and books that prove it. The typical profile of someone who has achieved FIRE: Graduated from college with very little or no student loan debt Earned $100,000+ per year with benefits Saved... Read More