Financial and Tax Planning Professionals

Where will she want to go? Who will she want to be?

When you don’t plan, it hurts those you love the most.

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Families w/ Young Children

Are we going to combine
our finances?

Plan early and set your marriage up for success.

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Can I take my dream job,
even though it pays less?

Let’s collaborate and build a roadmap for your future.

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Young Professionals

An exciting lifestyle doesn’t have to end with your career.

Choose an Advisor that will see you through the next 30 years.

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Retirees & Pre Retirees


Why PWR?

Planning Within Reach is a fee-only financial planning firm that does not receive sales commissions. We do not sell insurance or any other financial products.  We offer a personal approach and customized solutions for a flat project fee or by hourly rate.                          Learn More >>



Many people hesitate to get started with personal financial planning out of concern that the process is too overwhelming. While it does take work from you, our process is thorough and efficient and we work at your own pace.  It begins with a free 15-minute phone consultation.                        Learn More >>



PWR serves families with young children, young professionals, and newlyweds of all wealth. The time to plan for your future is now. How much should you be saving? Where should you invest your money? What options do you have for the future?                             Learn More >>

"I have been helping families and individuals through transitions for over a decade.  From families with young children to individuals preparing for retirement, I understand that many people feel overwhelmed with too many choices and not enough time.  I like helping them cut through the noise, clarify their priorities, and create a plan to keep them on track financially."  Learn More>>

Linda Rogers Owner, Planning Within Reach

"Many young professionals are coming out of college with student loans or credit card debt. The internet is full of financial suggestions, but they are not specific to their situation, not always unbiased, or sometimes just plain wrong. This can be a hurdle when they decide to get married. I help newlyweds understand their finances, as individuals and as a couple, and facilitate a necessary conversation about their personal and joint goals and concerns. Together, we create a financial strategy, just for them, that they can stick to, which sets them up for success in the future."  Learn More>>

Alicia Butera Financial Planner, Planning Within Reach


Planning Within Reach offers expert financial planning for individuals and families of all wealth. Many people hesitate to get started with personal financial planning out of concern that the process is too overwhelming. They’re reluctant to share private financial information. They fear they might be sold investment or insurance policies they don’t need. At Planning Within Reach, we are fiduciaries who put our clients' interests above our own. Instead of inputting data in a “one-size-fits-all” software program, we take a personal approach. We learn what you want and need for your family. With our guidance, we’ll help you take control of your finances and make wise decisions for the future. Learn More

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