Fee-Only Personal Financial Planning Company

Planning Within Reach offers expert financial planning and tax preparation for individuals and families of all wealth at a flat, project fee.

How much should you be saving? Where should you invest your money? What options do you have for the future?

Many people hesitate to get started with personal financial planning out of concern that the process is too overwhelming. They’re reluctant to share private financial information. They fear they might be sold investment products and insurance policies they don’t need or that they don’t have enough money to work with a planner.

At Planning Within Reach, we are fee-only fiduciaries meaning we are obligated to put our clients’ interests first. We don’t sell investment products or insurance. We get paid for our advice and are able to work with individuals and families of all wealth.

We take a customized approach to help you gain control of your finances and make wise decisions for the future. You will have a dedicated advisor to guide you through the process.

We are a virtual financial planning and tax preparation firm. That means no commuting, no babysitter, and flexible meeting times. Our clients are located around the globe and couples have the ability to connect with us even if they are in two different locations.

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Ask Linda: Is it safe to have all of my money at one Brokerage firm?

Dear Linda, I remember being told that I shouldn’t keep more than $250,000 at one bank since that is the FDIC insurance limit. What about my money at a brokerage institution, such as Schwab, Vanguard, or Fidelity? Should I spread my money out across brokerage firms as well? Curious Carl Dear Curious Carl, Protecting your money in the bank versus your money in a brokerage firm requires two separate approaches. Let me explain the process for both. How to protect... Read More

Impact Investing: Creating a Strategy

Impact investing offers similar, if not better, returns than traditional investing with the added benefit of creating positive social and environmental change. That being said, creating an impact investment strategy does not have to be a major shift from what you are already doing. We recommend a top-down, holistic approach to impact investing versus divesting from companies or industries in an ad hoc manner, which can lead to underperformance. At a minimum, it can mean the inclusion of environmental, social and governance (ESG) ratings in the... Read More