Comprehensive Financial Planning

Feeling anxious about your financial gaps? We’ll build you a money roadmap.

This Package Includes the Following:
  • Investment analysis – We review and analyze your investment accounts and develop an investment strategy.
  • Cash flow planning – We document your income and expenses to be clear on your surplus or deficit each month.
  • Tax planning – We identify any opportunities you have to reduce taxes and ensure that you are withholding enough to avoid a surprise at tax time.
  • Retirement planning – We see if you are on track for retirement, and if not, create a strategy for you to fill the gap.
  • Education plan – We will create a strategy for college savings goals including the best vehicle to use given your situation.
  • Insurance recommendations – We review your insurance policies (life, disability, home, auto, property, medical, and long-term care) to ensure you are adequately protected.
  • Estate planning review – We determine your estate planning needs and ensure your beneficiary designations are in line with your intent.
  • New house purchase – For those looking to purchase a new home, we help you identify how much of a house you can afford without sacrificing other goals.
  • Custom deliverables – Our plans are custom, therefore, there may be additional documents we include that are pertinent to your situation. Schedule an initial call for more information.
The Process:

After an initial call, we schedule a discovery meeting to dive deeper into your goals and assumptions. You will upload the necessary documents to a secure online portal. We conduct our analysis over a period of about 2-4 weeks. Once the plan is complete, we have a 1-2 hour meeting to review the plan, including your prioritized to-do list.  We offer to have another meeting with you four months after the plan delivery to ensure you are making progress on the to-do list.  After that, we suggest you take advantage of our Annual Review process to stay on track.


Comprehensive plans range from $2,000 – $4,000 depending on the complexity of the plan.


Start by scheduling an initial call with us. We can provide a quote during our call once we learn more about your needs.

*prices are subject to change*

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