Newlywed Financial Planning

The Newlywed financial plan package covers all areas of your financial life. We make sure you are on track to reach your financial goals and to assure you are headed on the right path.

A plan that builds your joint financial house on solid grounds of understanding.

We act as personal trainers for your finances to coach and give you guidance on any financial question you may have. After reviewing your joint and individual goals we set you off with a plan, including personalized recommendations that will make sure your marriage starts off on a path to financial success.

Since we are not emotionally invested in your financial life it gives us the ability to make the number and fact-based decisions about your financial goals. We are an unbiased third party providing fee-only and fiduciary advice to help you make the best financial decisions for you and your new family.

Our goal in the Newlywed Financial Plan package is to give newlyweds the basis of understanding and information they need in order to maintain strong financial communication throughout their marriage. Unfortunately today over 50% of couples divorce and most stating because of financial disagreements. We want to facilitate tough conversations so you do not have to do it alone. We are professionals, we don’t pass any judgment and don’t take sides. We help spouses express and communicate what they want, feel and need in their financial life.

Whether you know nothing or everything about each other’s finances, this plan will give you tools and recommendations worth much more than the money you will pay. Out of every gift you get from your wedding, we can bet this will be the one you find the most valuable.

This Package is Ideal For:

Couples preparing to get married or married for less than 2 years.

This Package Includes:

Our Newlywed Financial Plan brings spouses together in all aspects of financial life. This includes:

  • Goals: Now & Future – Discuss and review your individual and joint goals currently and for the future (ex. house purchase, planning for baby, creating an emergency fund)
  • Combined Balance Sheet – One page showing all assets and liabilities the couple owns.
  • Cash Flow Planning – Reviewing the cash flow (income and expenses) and management for each spouse and how expenses will be organized as a couple after marriage.
  • Combined Investment Strategy – Review and analysis of your current investment accounts, the holdings (funds invested in), and overall asset allocation (% stock and bonds). Including a review of employer investment options (401k). We will create a joint investment strategy for you to implement that considers your joint goals and individual risk tolerance.
  • Tax Analysis (MFJ & MFS) – Review of taxes currently and how best to manage them after marriage, including your tax withholdings.
  • Insurance Recommendations – Review of current insurance and recommendations on health, disability, life and property and casualty insurance and how this changes once married
  • Beneficiaries and Titling – Discussion and review of beneficiary designations and titling of assets for separate and marital property.
  • Prioritized recommendations – Your financial planning “to-do” items, summarized and prioritized on one, easy-to-understand page.
The Process:

After an initial call, we will schedule a virtual discovery meeting to review all client goals. We then gather data via our online portal ( Once we have sufficient data, it takes about 2-4 weeks for us to put your plan together. We schedule and have a virtual plan presentation meeting (1-2 hours) to discuss the result of our planning work and send you off with your action checklist. We will reach out after four months, via phone or email to see how you’re doing on your to-do list. We suggest you consider the Annual Review process to make sure you stay on track each year after your newlywed financial plan.


Newlywed plans are $2,000.

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